Online Payment of Fines

Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) E-shop

How to pay a fine online?

  • Passengers first need to log into the site: DPP e-shop.
  • Next, select the Fines option from the e-shop menu.
  • Next, enter the number on the Transport Inspection Record (in Czech: ZOPPK) that you want to pay and hit Search.
  • For passengers who had previously purchased a valid travel (fare) coupon at the time of the transport ticket inspection (perhaps they left it home, etc.) or who have purchased an annual full fare travel pass within 5 working days of the inspection, their fine can be reduced as part of the DPP Fine with discount program. After the passenger has entered their valid fare coupon number or annual travel pass information and clicks on the Verify option, the system will automatically confirm the corresponding ownership information with the fine/surcharge being paid and reduce the amount of the required fine-surcharge payment *
  • If the passenger wants to pay the full amount of the fine-surcharge without any other adjustments, as above, (a reduction in the amount of the fine-surcharge for its timely payment will take place automatically when selecting the type of payment in the Payment section) when pressing the Pay button.
  • Payment can be made using payment cards, the payment buttons of ČSOB or Poštovní spořitelna and via Servis24 from Česká spořitelna.

* Please note: The ability to enter fare coupon (ticket) numbers and annual travel pass information is only applicable to electronic (digital) travel documents, when purchased through one of the available different sales channels. Additionally, passengers must then first register these digital travel document identification numbers and information with the DPP e-shop before they attempt to pay the fine online. This service does not apply to any paper travel documents.


Fare fines-surcharges can still be paid when assessed at the inspection control site, in person at DPP’s special additional payments windows at its Central Dispatch Center or by bank transfer.


No fine can be paid online until after 1 p.m. on the business day following the day on which the fine was imposed.

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