Low-floor line guarantee

The guarantee lies in the fact that a marked connection in the timetable will always be ensured by a low-floor vehicle. The guaranteed connections are marked in the timetables at the stops by the symbol of a wheelchair. Bus lines timetables can be found at the Timetables Portal. The Prague Public Transit Company currently guarantees low-floor connections for all its daytime tram lines.

Overview of the types of low-floor trams in the DPP’s fleet (December 2018)


Type Number
Škoda 14T 57
KT8D5.RN2P 48
T3R.PLF 35
Škoda 15T 250


Low-floor is the way of the future

Just as with buses, also low-floor trams are very welcomed not only by passengers, but also by the carrier. Moreover, the low-floor vehicle facilitates movement, when boarding and disembarking, of passengers with reduced mobility and of elderly passengers, or for example of mothers with prams, it also enables faster dispatching of the vehicle at the stops, which is advantageous for the carrier. As of January 2019, DPP has 818 operational trams, of which 359 are low-floor. Low-floor trams thus make up more than half of the fleet.

Already the current number of the low-floor trams enables to dispatch 155 guaranteed and non-guaranteed low-floor trains on business days. These guaranteed connections are distributed into almost all lines. With the growth in the number of the low-floor trams, the number of these guaranteed connections will increase too.