Travelling with animals

  • The animal must be in a fully enclosed type of animal carrier with an impermeable bottom (maximum dimensions: 50 × 60 × 80 cm)
  • Dogs may be transported without the use of an animal carrier if on a short leash and properly muzzled. (To do so, “the consent of the vehicle’s driver is required and the dogs must ride in the related designated area of the vehicle”.)
  • In external fare (tariff) zones (outside of the main area of Prague), the additional fare for a passenger’s animal will be based on the current PID fares for the intended destination.

In Prague (except for travel on passenger (non-metro) trains), passengers with a valid Prague Integrated Transport (PID) ticket for Prague (zones P, 0 and B) can transport their dog for free. The cost for transporting a dog on a non-metro train is CZK 20 if the passenger is traveling on a Prague Integrated Transport (PID) travel document.

Other - Traveling with Animals

  • Within Prague and the region (and where applicable) if the animal is placed in a closed box up to 25 × 45 × 70 cm, it is transported free of charge. An animal can also be transported free of charge if the passenger has a valid multi-trip ticket or a short-term ticket valid for 24 hours (not valid on trains).
  • The one-time transport fee for an animal in a box larger than 25 × 45 × 70 cm or a dog without a box is CZK 20. Ticket travel time and travel zone limits for such an animal transport ticket are the same as the time and zone validity limits of the ticket of the passenger who is transporting the animal or dog, but each such animal ticket is valid for a maximum of 300 minutes.



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