Rental of historical trams

While it is often said that the most beautiful views of the world come from a horse's back; we’d prefer to say that the most beautiful views of Prague definitely come from inside a tram. And who wouldn't want to have their own private tram to ride at least once in their lives? For lovers of both our older and newer trams, and for those who just want a wonderful way to see the city of Prague, the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) offers customized, private hop-on-and-hop-off and general sightseeing trips throughout the year.

To add something special to a trip, we offer tours of our Museum of Transport (MHD). The museum houses a unique collection of vehicles and other artifacts that recount the history of public transport in the capital of the Czech Republic. The part of the permanent collection, which is always on view at the museum, includes forty historic vehicles. Other exhibits include models, photographs, historical documents, tickets, drawings, route maps, etc.

Click here for a virtual tour of what you will get to see at our Museum of Transport (MHD).

Which route to choose?

If you want to see some of the most important historical sites of Prague, we recommend booking a tram following the routes:

Vozovna Střešovice – Hradčanská – Strossmayerovo nám. – Náměstí Republiky – Václavské náměstí – Národní třída – Národní divadlo – Staroměstská – Malostranská – Pražský hrad – Pohořelec – Myslbekova – Vozovna Střešovice. 

Vozovna Střešovice – Pražský hrad – Malostranská – Právnická fakulta – Náměstí Republiky – Václavské náměstí – Národní třída – Národní divadlo – Újezd – Malostranská – Pražský hrad - Pohořelec – Myslbekova – Vozovna Střešovice.

This route can be completed for the price of a basic one-hour tram rental. 

For more information about booking trips and events:

tel.: +420 296 193 329
+420 296 193 325
+420 296 192 039

Tram Rental Rates

Tram rental rates are based on each newly-started hour of use, from the start of the trip until the return of the tram to the depot. (For the T3 Coupé, this includes tram prep time.) The start of each rental begins with the tram’s departure from the Střešovice depot, located at Patočkova 4, Prague 6. Actual boarding of a tram can take place from any location on the system but non-depot boarding will always include the time from the departure of the tram from the depot. 

All tram rentals are prepaid.

Type of Tram Video Year(s) Maximum Capacity Rental Rate – 60 minutes Rental Rate – 90 minutes
Historical Tram 1908–1942 24 4 900 CZK 8 500 CZK
Historical Tram + “tow truck” Tram 1908–1942 60 7 400 CZK 12 500 CZK
T3 Coupé Sightseeing Car 2018 31 7 700 CZK 13 000 CZK
T1 Tram (year 1951) 1951–1985 26 4 900 CZK Not available.
T2 Tram 1957-1962 25 4 900 CZK Not available.
T3 Tram (classic) 1961 24 4 900 CZK Not available.
“Měsíček” T3 Sightseeing Tram 1967 50 4 900 CZK Not available.

Use this online order form to make a reservation.
Ideally, book a ride 10 working days before the start of the ride.

If you do not know all parameters of the ride, you can now pre-book the ride. In this case, please state the text "Preliminary booking" in the note so that it is not confirmed by the Prague Public Transit Company. No later than 5 working days before the start of the ride, it is necessary to complete the order, i.e. to precisely specify the items of refreshments and additional services. Later orders, changes or modifications are charged according to the GTC.

Private Events in the Depot Hall 

At the Střešovice depot, within certain limitations, the premises of the depot hall are also available for rent. The interior of the hall can be modified to become an exciting space for social, corporate and other similar types of events, including concerts. The extraordinary atmosphere of the depot is enhanced by the presence of our historic trams, which can become part of the general setting and decor for a particular event. Contact us for additional information on the planning for your event at the depot. All events in the depot are determined and booked individually.

For inquiries and for booking an event, fill in the following form and send it to us at the above contact email. All booking requests should be made at least 30 days in advance.

Additional Services

Fans of Prague's public transport will certainly appreciate a chance to tour the Museum of Public Transport. To capture the atmosphere of old Prague, we recommend hiring an accordionist to accompany you and your guests on your trip. We also have experienced guides available to accompany you to highlight the most interesting sights. A wide range of snacks and refreshments can also be provided. Our goal is to make every private trip on one of our trams the memory of a lifetime.

  • Accordionist – from external providers, it is possible to provide live music from an accordionist for 1,200 CZK (plus VAT) per tram.
  • Catering – Not available.
  • Tour Guide Services – tour guides can be booked through external providers at a rate of CZK 2,500 (plus VAT) per hour. We only work with highly experienced and skilled tour guides, who can be booked based on selected foreign languages. Contact us for additional information on how to book your tour guide. Guides able to communicate in less-common foreign languages are also often available but at higher rates (CZK 3,000 (plus VAT) per hour). *
    * Exotic language means a non-European language, which is offered by the guide service of the contractual partner. These languages are mainly Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic. Less frequent language means a European language, which is offered by the guide service of the contractual partner, besides English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian. These are languages such as Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, etc.

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