Rental of premises and advertising spaces

The Prague Public Transit Company, joint-stock company (DPP) generally does not, in order to comply with its internal rules and to respect the principles of economy, openness and transparency, conclude individual partial contracts for specific advertising space with subjects interested in utilisation of the DPP’s property for advertising. Instead, DPP chooses contractual partners for integrated larger units of advertising space, based on the selection of the contractual partner within the open tender process.

DPP calls for tenders for parts of its property continuously as needed and the announcement of a tender is always published at least at website, where the interested parties find also the subject and conditions of the specific tender.

Based on the results of the past tenders, the following companies are the authorised lessors of the designated advertisement space on the DPP’s property now:

BigBoard Praha, a.s
  • body exterior surfaces and interior parts of 15T trams
  • body exterior surfaces of SOR NB 12 and 18 buses
  • spaces in the metro equipped with City-light showcases
RAILREKLAM, spol. s r.o.
  • full-stickers of corridors connecting the transfer metro station
  • balustrades of the escalators in the metro
  • B1 advertising frames at the escalators in the metro
  • advertising frames and other advertisement space in the metro sets
European Digital Industries a.s.

digital LED display system in the subway tunnel between Bořislavka and Nádraží Veleslavín stations

Placement of the advertising messages on behalf of companies BigBoard Praha, a.s. and RAILREKLAM, spol. s r.o. is commercially ensured, according to declarations of these contractual partners of DPP, by the MetroZoom s.r.o. company.

DPP explicitly reminds the interested parties that placement of advertising messages in unauthorised space is prohibited. Such placement of advertising messages is found to be an illegal advertisement and DPP will remove such advertising message without notice. Subsequently, DPP will enforce the entire incurred damage, including unjust enrichment. According to regulations, DPP is entitled to enforce such damage also from advertisers promoted by such advertising messages.

In case of any questions regarding the advertisement space on the DPP’s property, the interested parties may refer to contact email  or directly to the authorised lessor.

Prague Public Transit Company, joint-stock company
Marketing and Sales Department

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