Choir of the Transport Company

Was founded in March 2010 by tube driver and choir master Lukáš Janírek. The ensemble consists of the employees and friends of Prague Public Transit Co. Inc.Its chairwoman is Dana Vohralíková.

The choir’s objective is to bring together all those employees and passengers that enjoy choir singing and art in general, to support the events organized by the Prague Public Transit Company and spread its good name beyond the borders of Prague. The choir’s repertoire consists of folk songs, spirituals and compositions by composers such as Vítězslav Novák, Antonín Dvořák, Petr Eben, Jakub Jan Ryba, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and many others. An integral part are songs about transportation. 

At many concerts, the choir is accompanied by instruments. Those are provided by chorists‘ family members or musicians that join the choir. Several piano players play the role of accompanist, most notably the choirmaster of the National Theatre Martin Buchta. Another one of the regularly appearing musiciansis Jiří Šámal, who plays the Hang Drum. Ever since its beginnings, the choir has been cooperating with Jiří Václavek, who hosts some of the concerts. The logo was designed by Michal Kapusta.




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