Funicular in ZOO


The fare is CZK 25 for a single journey (up or down) of a passenger older than 6 years. Children under 6 years are transported for free, but only on the lap of a person older than 15 years, provided that each such person can carry only one child on their lap. Vending machines located at the upper and lower stations issue tickets upon throwing in metal coins only. The vending machines return coins, banknotes can be changed at the funicular’s operators. Tickets can also be purchased in validators, using a contactless payment card. The stated tickets for the funicular in the ZOO are not valid for transport in other means of the public transport. Any other tickets or cards are invalid for journeys by the funicular.


Dogs, even if in a box, must not be transported by the funicular in the ZOO. Transport of folded baby prams or gold clubs in the size of hand luggage is possible.

Connection to the ZOO

Bus line no. 112 drives you to the zoological garden from the Nádraží Holešovice metro station C line. There is also a direct connection of Bohnice and Troja by line no. 236. The PID Tariff applies on both lines.

History of the funicular in the ZOO in a nutshell

First ideas about construction of the funicular in the Prague ZOO date back to the sixties. Its construction began in 1970 and it was put into operation only in 1977. The owner of the funicular was the Prague ZOO and the operator was the Central Bohemian Park of Culture and Relaxation. In 1978 the operation of the funicular was stopped due to serious technical deficiencies. Its operation was not restored until 1981, when the Prague Public Transit Company became the operator of the funicular in the Prague ZOO.

Technical parameters of the funicular in the ZOO 

  • Inclined track length: 105.9 m 
  • Revision speed: 0,167 m/s
  • Difference in stations’ altitude: 50.1 m
  • Engine power: 725 rot./13 kW
  • Average track slope: 28°12´
  • Transport capacity: 720 persons
  • Number of pillars: 4
  • Production year: 1970
  • Number of seats: 60
  • Seat load capacity: 90 kg
  • Year of launch into operation: 1977
  • Transport speed: 0.85 m/s
  • Operated by the Prague Public Transit Company, joint-stock company: since 1981