Stay safe on escalators

Take extra care when using escalators, especially when travelling with children

Please respect the following rules when using escalators:

  • hold on to the handrails,
  • always stand facing the direction of movement of the escalator,
  • do not place your fingers under the rubber part of the handrail,
  • parents must hold their child's hand when using the escalator,
  • parents must pay extra attention to their children when using the escalator,
  • never move in the opposite direction of the escalator,
  • do not run on escalators.
  • do not touch the side of the escalator with your shoes or any other part of your clothing,
  • do not lean against the side walls or handrails of escalators,
  • do not sit on the steps or handrails of escalators,
  • take extra care when stepping on and off escalators.
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