Barrier-free travelling

The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) has established the ability to offer “barrier-free public transportation” as one of its key long-term strategic objectives. Every year, the company spends tens of millions of Czech crowns on improving the ability of persons with disabilities and other types of special needs to access and travel on its metro system, buses and trams. Today, all of its metro stations are equipped with special, deep pavement guide grooves to assist the blind; and, on trams and buses, special detection systems have been installed to provide information about line numbers and the direction of travel. While DPP is proud of all of the progress it has made in the last quarter century in making its public transportation system more accessible to those passengers with special travel needs, it knows the job is not yet done. DPP’s goal is to be able to truly offer a barrier-free travel experience to all of its riders.

Detailed Information on DPP Barrier-Free Travel

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