Cashless payment of fare

Terminals (validators) for the tickets

Terminals (validators) for the tickets are installed in all trams and in the metro vestibules. They are intended for purchase of single journey tickets. 

Payment is possible by cashless payment card only. The payment terminal issues only limited range of tickets:


Fare Ticket type Time validity Zone validity
30 CZK Single journey full price 30 min Praha (P, 0, B)
40 CZK Single journey full price 90 min Praha (P, 0, B)
15 CZK Single journey discounted 50% 30 min Praha (P, 0, B)
20 CZK Single journey discounted 50%     90 min Praha (P, 0, B)
120 CZK Short-term 24-hour full price 24 hodin Praha (P, 0, B)
60 CZK Short-term 24-hour discounted 24 hodin Praha (P, 0, B)


  • The ticket issued by the terminal is transferable and valid from the moment of issue.
  • The ticket shall not be further validated, the necessary data (zone, time, date) are marked on it.
  • Entitlement to discounted fare shall be proven in the same manner as in the case of tickets referred to in Article III. (1) (b) of the PID Tariff.

If the transaction is denied, the payment card is not working, or the payment terminal of the dispatching device is out of order, the passenger is not entitled to free transportation. In such cases, the passenger is obliged to obtain a valid ticket immediately in another way (e.g. by validating a ticket purchased in advance, by purchasing SMS ticket or a ticket from MA).

When payment cards are used for the purchase of transportation tickets, as further described below, the individual ticket purchases get aggregated (added up) into a single purchase, as will be shown on the related card statement.

In relation to the adding up of individual ticket purchases, the amount of time between the posting of the aggregated purchases can vary – for example, with MasterCards, it is five days. After each posting period closes, a new posting period will start for the next set of card-based ticket purchases.

The above-described aggregation (accumulation) of ticket purchase transactions is only applicable to purchases made using the tram system’s new ticket purchase terminals. Tickets purchased using cards at purchase terminals (ticket validators) in Metro lobbies are always billed by transaction (they are not accumulated).

Claims of unissued tickets

  • metro – within 24 hours on a toll-free telephone number 800 188 100
  • trams – within 24 hours using the form at

For a claim to be resolved, it is necessary to provide basic data, i.e. number of tram line, date and time of purchase, first six digits and last four digits of the payment card used. If filling in the contact form, add also variable symbol of the card transaction of the card and state the bank account number for potential refund of the fare. For the refund in the case a ticket in a tram has not been printed, it is necessary to prove the purchase of a substitute travel document.

List of stations

For details regarding each station, you can go to fare overview.

Line A

Terminal number Station
3251 Depo Hostivař
3241 Skalka
3231 Strašnická
3221 Želivského
3211 Flora
3201 Jiřího z Poděbrad
3191 Náměstí Míru
3181 Muzeum-A (vestibul A-C)
3171 Můstek-A vestibul Václavské nám.
3161 Můstek-A vestibul Můstek („historie")
3151 Staroměstská
3141 Malostranská
3131 Hradčanská
3111 Dejvická - vestibul Šolínova
3121 Dejvická vestibul Vítězné nám.
3651 Nádraží Veleslavín


Line B

​​​​​​Terminal number Station
3321 Zličín B
3331 Stodůlky (west)
3332 Stodůlky  (East)
3341 Luka
3351 Lužiny
3361 Hůrka
3371 Nové Butovice (west)
3381 Nové Butovice (East)
3391 Jinonice
3401 Radlická
3411 Smíchovské nádraží (South)
3421 Smíchovské nádraží sever
3431 Anděl Knížecí (South)
3461 Karlovo náměstí (north)
3451 Karlovo náměstí - Palackého nám. (South)
3471 Národní
3481 Můstek – B
3501 Náměstí Republiky Masarykovo n.
3491 Náměstí Republiky (west)
3842 Florenc – B
3531 Křižíkova
3541 Invalidovna
3551 Palmovka západ
3571 Českomoravská
3581 Vysočanská Sokolovská (East)
3591 Vysočanská nám. OSN (west)
3601 Kolbenova
3611 Hloubětín
3621 Rajská zahrada
3631 Černý most


Line C

Terminal number Station
3701 Letňany sever vestibul
3691 Prosek
3681 Střížkov 1. kolej
3682 Střížkov 2. kolej
3891 Ládví
3881 Kobylisy západ
3882 Kobylisy (East)
3861 Nádraží Holešovice (south)
3871 Nádraží Holešovice (north)
3851 Vltavská
3841 Florenc C
3831 Hlavní nádraží PM směr Háje
3832 Hlavní nádraží PM směr Ládví
3821 I.P.Pavlova
3811 Vyšehrad (west)
3812 Vyšehrad (East)
3801 Pražského povstání
3791 Pankrác
3781 Budějovická západ (north)
3761 Kačerov
3751 Roztyly
3741 Chodov
3731 Opatov
3721 Háje (west)
3711 Háje (East)