P+R Parking

Parking Rates

Location Zone Opening hours:
Běchovice 0 non-stop
Běchovice – center 0 non-stop
Braník 0 non-stop
Černý Most  1 non-stop
Černý Most 2  1 non-stop
Depo Hostivař 1 non-stop
Holešovice 2 non-stop
Chodov - garage 1 non-stop
Prague congress centre - garage 2 non-stop
Kotlářka 1 non-stop
Ládví 2 non-stop
Nádraží Hostivař 0 non-stop
Nové Butovice 1 non-stop
Opatov 1 non-stop
Radotín 0 non-stop
Rajská zahrada 1 non-stop
Skalka 1 2 non-stop
Skalka 2 1 non-stop
Troja (from July 1, 2023 to August 31, 2023 in the administration of ZOO Prague) 0 non-stop
Zahradní Město 0 non-stop
Zličín 1 1 non-stop
Zličín 2 1 non-stop
  • Flat rate for up to 24 hours (consecutive):
    • Zone 1: CZK 50
    • Zone 2: CZK 100
  • Hourly rate for parking in excess of 24 consecutive hours:
    • Zone 1: CZK 10 for each additional hour commenced
    • Zone 2: CZK 20 for each additional hour commenced
  • Weekends, public holidays and Christmas holidays (0–24 hours) are not included in the flat rate. 
  • Minimum rate for using P+R parking lots
    • Zone 1: CZK 50
    • Zone 2: CZK 100

Parking price list

Location Zone Price per
day parking
Price for parking out of
the opening hours of 
the car park
Price for parking
Opening hours: 
Letňany 1 50 CZK 100 CZK 200 CZK (2x 50 CZK + 100 CZK) 04.00 – 01.00

The P+R Běchovice, Kotlářka, Skalka II, Troja parking lots are self-operated, non-stop, with a maximum of 12 hours of parking. The system also includes P+R (park + ride) parking lots, located close to urban public transport and operated in connection with the subsequent use of urban public transport. 

Parking lots are located by metro stations (the Běchovice, Běchovice - střed, Braník, Nádraží Hostivař, Radotín and Zahradní Město parking lots are located by train connections). More detailed information about the use of these parking lots is provided by the Operating Rules, which are available at Parking.praha.eu.

The parking lots close after metro service ends. Drivers will pay CZK 100 for cars that are not picked up, plus the daily parking fee for the previous and following day.

A complementary service available at P+R parking lots – Depo Hostivař, Holešovice, Ládví, Letňany, Nové Butovice, Opatov, Radotín, Rajská zahrada, Skalka I and Zličín I – is the B+R (bike and ride) service, which offers the possibility to park a bicycle for free of charge. The parking lot operator will issue a control card to the bicyclist in return for a CZK 20 refundable deposit. The bicycle will be released upon presentation of the control card. Bicyclists who leave their bikes in the parking lot beyond its opening hours, i.e., between 1 and 4 AM, will pay CZK 100. A stand for five bicycles is available at each of the parking lots specified above, except the Zličín I parking lot, which has a stand for ten bicycles.

Parking prices at P+R car parks and fares related to parking at P+R car parks

  • At P+R car parks connected to the Prague Integrated Transport system applicable to the day the service was provided until the car park closes for the day is CZK 0/50/100.
  • Holders of prepaid PIT passes for Zone P+0, or users that are entitled to free transport services in P+0 zones, will purchase only a parking ticket for their automobile.
  • Other users of the car park that do not possess prepaid transport passes and are not entitled to free transport services in P+0 zones have to purchase regular PIT fares, along with the parking ticket.
  • Be sure to keep your transport tickets, as they will be checked by car park staff upon your departure!
  • Place the parking ticket in your vehicle where it will be visible from the outside.

Fares for the car park user's (driver's) passengers

Regular PIT fares apply to the driver's passengers. Tickets can be purchased from the same ticket vending machine as the parking tickets and transport tickets at P+R car parks, or from ticket vending machines in the metro.

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