Penalties, transport inspectors

In all cases when a passenger does not pay the imposed surcharge (penalty) on the spot of the inspection, the authorised person shall identify the passenger’s personal data and fill in the “Record of the performed transport inspection” (ROPTI), the copy of which they hand over to the passenger and the original they submit to the relevant department of the Transit Company.

Designated employees shall mark on the ROPTI the date of the receipt and shall enter the stipulated date to the computer database of the debtors of the Transit Company, while each case is automatically assigned a reference number under which the individual case is recorded from the perspective of its development. After this operation, the ROPTI originals are gradually forwarded to the additional payments counter of the Transit Company.

Notice: Personal data of the passengers, who did not pay the imposed surcharge directly on the spot of the inspection, are registered in the Transit Company’s automated system in accordance with the provision of Article 5 (1) of the Personal Data Protection Act No. 110/2019 Coll., as amended, and in this sense they can be used for the purpose of the enforcement of the owed amount as well as forwarded to a law office, courts and executors.

If passengers do not take advantage of the possibility to pay the imposed surcharge (penalty) in a reduced amount (and the fare) in the additional payments counter, then, based on the mandate contract, the ROPTI originals of the unpaid cases are gradually forwarded for further enforcement, including the addressing of the receivables from transport through the way of civil law at the locally competent court.

The receivable from transport shall mean unpaid fare and surcharge to the fare (penalty), as well as other costs incurred within the enforcement process (related to the unpaid cases).

Rights and obligations

Relationships between the passenger and the carrier in the Prague Integrated Transport (PID) are based especially on the provisions of the Road Transport Act No. 111/1994 Coll., Article 18, as amended, and of the Act No. 266/1994 Coll., Article 37, as amended, that stipulate basic obligations of the passenger and of the carrier during transport. The obligations of the carrier shall be ensured by the person authorised by the carrier, i.e. driver or transport inspector, equipped with a control badge or the carrier card (hereinafter referred to as the authorised person).

A passenger is obliged:

  • to comply with the code of transport, transport terms of service and the tariff,
  • to follow instructions and orders of the authorised person, which aim to ensure safety and smoothness of transport, their safety or safety of other passengers,
  • to present a valid travel document upon the authorised person’s request; unless they present a valid travel document, to pay the fare and the surcharge, or to present a personal document and to share their personal data necessary for the enforcement of the payment of the fare and of the surcharge; the personal data necessary for the enforcement of the payment of the fare and of the surcharge shall mean the name, surname, date and place of birth, and delivery address,
  • to follow the authorised person, upon their request, to the suitable workplace of the public administration for the purpose of identification, or to remain, upon the authorised person’s request, on the suitable place until the arrival of the person entitled to identify the passenger, unless the passenger meets the obligation stated under point c),
  • to pay the surcharge, upon the authorised person’s request, for non-compliance with the code of transport or with an instruction and order of the authorised person, or for polluting the vehicle, or for disturbing calm transport of passengers or other harassing thereof.

The authorised person is entitled:

(besides giving instructions and orders to passengers to ensure their safety, safety and smoothness of transport, and safety of other passengers)

  • to exclude a passenger from transport if the passenger, upon the authorised person’s request, does not present a valid travel document and does not meet the obligation to pay the fare and the surcharge, to exclude a passenger from transport or to impose a surcharge to a passenger if the passenger, despite a warning, does not comply with the code of transport, instructions and orders of the authorised person, pollutes the vehicle or if they, by their behavior, disturb calm transport of passengers, or harass other passengers otherwise; the exclusion from transport must not endanger safety and health of the passenger,
  • not to admit to transport or exclude from transport a luggage, a passenger or an animal transported therewith if these pose an obstacle to safe and comfortable transport of passengers or if these endanger health of the passengers, or if their transport is not enabled by terms of transport, especially due to the vehicle capacity,
  • to impose a penalty to the passenger, who has not presented a valid travel document, a surcharge, or to require the passenger to present their personal data according to paragraph 1, point c).

Further conditions that need to be met when travelling in PID are stated especially in the Transport Terms of Service and in the PID Tariff.

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