On all lines that are part of the Prague Integrated Transport (PID) system, provisions have been made for the transportation of bicycles by passengers.

On the different metro and train lines, the transport of a larger number of bicycles has been made possible through the use of special train sets and vehicles, which have been designed for the carrying of bicycles. On other parts of the PID system, there are both specially designed vehicles and also special trailers, which are available for this use.

For passengers with a valid Prague Integrated Transport (PID) ticket (or other document which can be used by a passenger to pay for their transit fare based on the applicable PID tariff), there is no additional charge for the passenger to bring along their bicycle within the territory of Prague (transit zones P, O and B). Bicycles are treated as “accompanied” luggage”. The ability to ride for free with one’s bicycle is only available on trains with a bicycle symbol indicated on the timetable.

  • There is also a special train, the Cyklohráček(the bicycle excursion train), which runs on a limited summer schedule and is designed for the carrying of bicycles and passengers.s vnitřní úpravou pro přepravu jízdních kol.
  • Outside the territory of Prague (zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), the cost to bring along a bicycle varies by the distance to be traveled (the minimum charge is 30 CZK). Detailed information can be found at the Czech Railways website.
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