Bicycles are not transported by buses of the Prague Integrated Transport. The exceptions are:

  • Bus line no. 147 – on the route Dejvická - Výhledy
  • Cyclobus – connecting to train of line S7. The cyclobus improves the accessibility of higher elevated areas of Brdy, which are attractive for cycling, by public transport for the citizens of both Prague and of the Berounka river valley
  • Bus line Airport Expres (AE) operated on the route Hlavní nádraží – Dejvická – Letiště, where transport of a bicycle packed for air transport is possible and free of charge.

Cyclobus – transport of bicycles on line no. 147

Enabling transport

  •  Bicycles can be transported only on selected connections of line no. 147 (marked accordingly by a pictogram in timetables) and only in vehicles equipped with a special bicycle carrier located inside the vehicle (marked by a pictogram on the electrical panels outside the vehicle)
  • Only regular bicycles can be transported. It is not possible to transport electric bicycles with an auxiliary electric or combustion drive, monocycles, double cycles and scooters; a maximum of 6 bicycles can be placed on the carrier
  • Bicycles can only be loaded and unloaded in selected stops (in the direction of Výhledy):
    loading – stops Dejvická and V Podbabě
    unloading – stops Internacionální and Výhledy

Procedure for bicycle placing and removing

  • If interested in transport of a bicycle, the cyclist gives signal to the driver by raising a hand
  • The passenger loads the bicycle themselves (under the driver’s supervision), secures it against undesirable movement using the tilting bracket and “hook-and-loop fasteners”, and informs the driver of the disembarking stop; the driver then locks the bicycle and hands over a tag with the number of the bracket to the passenger
  • All additional equipment must be removed from the bicycles before loading (lights, bags, bottles, etc.)
  • In the disembarking stop, the passenger presents the tag with the number of the bracket; the driver unlocks the bicycle and the passenger unloads it themselves
  • Bicycle is transported on the special carrier of the bus for free
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