Artistic rendering of three stations of the metro line D

12. 06. 2020

The artistic form of the stations Nemocnice Krč, Nádraží Krč and Nové Dvory of metro line D will be designed by leading Czech artists, Mr. Jiří Černický, Mr. Stanislav Kolíbal and Mr. Vladimír Kopecký. Their designs won the invited competition of Metroprojekt, the Prague Public Transit Company and the Capital City of Prague, under the auspices of the National Gallery Prague.

  • In his artistic rendering of the Nové Dvory station, Mr. Stanislav Kolíbal works with geometry, because it combines very well with the structure and helps create harmony and spatial order.
  • In the case of the Nádraží Krč station, Mr. Vladimír Kopecký creates, by the artistic concept, a spectacle for passengers. He also works with the fact that this station’s platform is not underground. He brings new possibilities of perception, but also a transformation of the space during the day.
  • For the Nemocnice Krč station, Mr. Jiří Černický thematically reflects the nature of the station in his artistic design and divides his artistic concept into two areas – medicine and natural sciences.

The selection was sponsored by the National Gallery Prague, which addressed the artists in the invited art competition. At least five leading Czech artists prepared a design for each of the other three stations Nemocnice Krč, Nádraží Krč and Nové Dvory.

The winning designs were selected by a committee consisting of representatives of the City, Metroprojekt, the Prague Public Transit Company and the National Gallery Prague. The intention of Prague was to give preference in the jury to evaluators with artistic overlap. These were represented by Mr. Michal Novotný, Mr. David Vávra, Ms. Milena Dopitová and Mr. Kurt Gebauer. Art competitions will continue for all other stations of the metro line D.