T3 coupé

T3 trams and Prague belong inherently together. That is also why the Prague Public Transit Company, joint-stock company, in cooperation with Anna Marešová designers studio, created a new concept of a cruise tram which builds on tradition of the legendary vehicles of Tatra T3 type. It fully respects basic features of the original design, but moves it, with sensitive and thoughtful interventions, into the context of the current time. Opening of the rear part of the vehicle and the use of the original elements combined with modern technologies resulted in an “old-timer” which shows that also traditional means of public transport may offer completely unexpected luxury.

T3 Coupé tram offers delight not only from the ride itself around Prague in a semi-opened vehicle, but also from the stylish design of its interior. Naturally, designers got inspired primarily by the original Tatra T3, but sometimes they drew inspiration from older tram types. Interior thus includes, among other things, also a bar based on T1 tram type, where a similar counter served for the sale of tickets. Roof windows are another significant reminiscence, referring to the legendary bus Škoda 706 RTO. Designers did not omit even such details as mechanical shredder of tickets, by the way specifically designed solely for journeys in T3 Coupé. Despite all innovative elements, the tram deliberately preserves the poetics of the sixties, thus expressing tribute to designer František Kardaus (1908 – 1986), the author of the original Tatra T3 vehicles.

T3 Coupé tram was manufactured in the DPP Tram repair shop in Prague Hostivař. The entire project, including design, up to the complete production of the vehicle, took two years.

Rental of T3 Coupé ride

Sightseeing tram for Prague, T3 Coupé, serves for adventure and commercial rides dispatched by the Střešovice depot. The capacity of T3 Coupé vehicle is 31 persons. Rental of an hour ride by T3 Coupé costs CZK 7,700 incl. VAT.

Notice: Price for the commercial ride by T3 Coupé is charged for each started hour of the vehicle performance, i.e. from the tram’s departure from the Střešovice depot to its return to the depot.

Although it is possible to choose the beginning or the ride to be wherever within the public transport tram network in Prague, DPP recommends starting the ride in the Střešovice depot, because otherwise the ride could be significantly shortened, or the price increased.