T3 coupé

In Prague, one somehow always associates the city’s trams with the design of its famous Tatra T3s. This is why the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP), in cooperation with the Anna Marešová studio, came up with this new design for a special “excursion tram”. The goal was to respect the original design of the legendary Tatra T3, while also updating it to make it something special for today’s visitors and tourists to use when “tramming” around the city. By opening up the rear of the car and combining both new and original design elements, this new car keeps an "old-timer" look while providing a completely unexpected level of travel luxury.

The T3 Coupé tram was designed to provide its passengers with the perfect solution for touring around Prague in style, in a semi-open tram car. While based on the design of the famous T3, the designers also “incorporated” well-known features from other early Prague public transit vehicles.

The interior includes a bar design reminiscent of the T1 type tram, where a similar counter was used for ticket sales. The roof windows are another significant look back, having been inspired by similar designs from the legendary Škoda 706 RTO bus. The designers did not forget about such details as the traditional mechanical ticket marking machine, in this case, one designed specifically for use on the T3 Coupé.

Despite all of its new and innovative elements, we believe the T3 Coupé continues to honor the look of the original Tatra T3 from the 1960s, paying tribute to the T3’s original designer František Kardaus (1908-1986).

The T3 Coupé tram was assembled by the team working at DPP’s Tram Repair Shop in Hostivař (Prague) and the entire project, including all of the design work, was able to be completely within a two-year time frame. 

Renting the T3 Coupé 

The T3 Coupé is designed for private sightseeing tram rides around the city of Prague. The tram always departs from the DPP depot in Střešovice.

  • The maximum capacity of the T3 Coupé is 31 persons.
  • Rental rates are per hour. For the T3 Coupé, the rate is CZK 7,700 (plus VAT).
  • Hourly rates are based on each-newly-started-hour and includes all time from departure until return to the Střešovice depot.
  • To book a trip, please use this online order form
  • Additional information on DPP tram rentals can be found by clicking here.

Although the guests can board and exit the tram from any location along the city’s tram network, all charges are based on departure from and arrival back of the tram to its depot; thus, departure’s from the depot in Střešovice are the least costly, based on total guest travel hours. 

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