Information for passengers – Ten-month coupon for outer zones

14. 09. 2023

Starting from 1 April 2023, ten-month fare for outer zones was introduced, zones 0–12 can be purchased. Please note that fare in the Capital City of Prague is not included in this fare, only the reach zone 0. Therefore, we recommend purchasing the fare for the territory of the Capital City of Prague (zone P, 0) to the ten-month fare for the outer zones as well. Monthly, quarterly, or annual coupons can be purchased for zones P, 0.

The Prague Public Transit Company is governed by the PID (Prague Integrated Transport) Tariff issued by ROPID company. Its full version can be found at Refunds of the unused part of the fare for a reason on the part of the passenger are listed in Article XVIII, paragraph 1.

When returning a civil fare, the aliquot part of the refunded fare (calculated on calendar days) for an unused or partially used ticket is reduced by the payment of costs related to the fare refund (in the amount of CZK 60) and further by the difference between the number of multiple of the monthly subscription ticket in the relevant tariff category and the multiple ticket with a longer period of validity.

According to this PID Tariff, Article XVIII, paragraph 2, the fare, or its aliquot part, is not refunded for additional coupons BUS + TRAIN nationally discounted in the amount of 50% of the full fare (i.e., fare categories Child 6–15, Junior 15 –18, Student 18–26...) after the start of their time validity.

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