New tram line: Sídliště Barrandov – Holyně

04. 04. 2022

On Saturday, 9 April 2022, the Prague Public Transit Company will launch regular operation on the newly built tram line between Sídliště Barrandov and Holyně. The main goal of the new line’s construction was to improve the transport services of Barrandov and Holyně with regard to new developments in these residential areas.

From the history of the Barrandov – Holyně – Slivenec tram line

The commissioning of the Barrandov – Holyně tram line completed a project that was more than 35 years old. The article "Where the tracks will lead" in the magazine Prague '87, published by the then National Committee of the Capital City of Prague, had presented plans for four new lines in 1987: Motol – Řepy, Palmovka – Ohrada, Braník – Modřany and Hlubočepy – Holyně with planned ending by the first Prague switchback railway.

While the first three mentioned lines have long served passengers, the line planned to Holyně was built in 2003 as the last one and put into operation only up to the Sídliště Barrandov loop. By the way, this loop had been supposed to be named Jiří Trnka’s loop in the second half of 1980s, the current new stop Náměstí Olgy Scheipflugové had had working name Centrum – západ and Holyně remained unchanged.

Plans of the Capital City of Prague have counted on running the tram line all the way to Holyně since the beginning of 1990s. The 1999 zoning plan of the Capital City of Prague counted on this tram line as the main means of serving the area by public transport. In 2010, a change in the zoning plan also added the Holyně – Slivenec section. In 2014, a zoning decision was issued for the construction of the tram line. In autumn 2020, the Prague Public Transit Company obtained the final building permit for the first stage of the line.

Photo: DPP – Zdeněk Bek


The line is temporarily terminated by a two-way railway crossing. In future, this section will be followed by the second stage of the entire project, i.e. extension of the tram line to Slivenec. The project of the new tram line Barrandov – Holyně was co-funded by the European Union, from subsidies of the European Structural and Investment Funds from Transport 2 Operational Program.

Photo: DPP – Zdeněk Bek

News for passengers

At the stops, passengers will encounter new city furniture and an electronic information system that provides online information on connections’ departures. The Sídliště Barrandov stop is also equipped with a new information panel.

Photo: DPP – Daniel Šabík


Construction of the Barrandov – Holyně section in numbers:

  • 4 kilometres of new rails
  • 48 overhead contact line masts,
  • 2,892 m of overhead contact lines,
  • 2,561 concrete sleepers,
  • 1,192 metres of stone curbs,
  • 1,525 m2 of different types of paving,
  • 4,440 m3 of different types of gravel and grit, and
  • 2,451 m2 of grass carpets for grassing of the tram superstructure.
Scheme of operation in the vicinity of the new tram line Sídliště Barrandov – Holyně


Information about the construction:

Construction start date: 11 June 2021
Expected start date of the construction of the 2nd stage: Spring 2023
Operating length of the new section Sídliště Barrandov – Holyně:

1 km

Number of stops in the new section: 2 pairs
New stops:

Náměstí Olgy Scheinpflugové and Holyně


The project was co-funded by the European Union, from subsidies of the European Structural and Investment Funds from Transport 2 Operational Program.


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