Information on the actual departure of trams from the stops

07. 01. 2021

The online information on the actual departure time of all tram connections of DPP from individual stops, in how long the tram will arrive, as well as what its current delay is, is newly available to passengers in pilot operation in the connection search engines on the websites of DPP, PID, IDOS, as well as in PID Lítačka application.

The information on current departures of connections are automatically updated every 30 seconds.

During 2020, DPP made available the actual departures of connections and online positions of buses, now the trams have been added as well.

The information on online positions of trams, when the nearest tram connection actually departs from the given stop, what its current delay is, or the latest stop passed, is currently displayed in the pilot operation, during which DPP and ROPID will fine tune the quality of the published data.

Connection search engine including the display of the current delay.


Ukázka zobrazení zpoždění tramvají ve vyhledávači na webu
Example of displaying tram delays in the search engine on the website of


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