Traffic restrictions
Vozovna Vokovice - Divoká Šárka: Temporary suspension of tram operation


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Type of incident: Route and Stop Changes

Affected lines
20, 26, 91

Event description

Due to the connection of a new tram line, starting on Wednesday, 1 February 2023, and lasting until Saturday, 15 April 2023, there is temporarily no tram service between Vozovna Vokovice and Divoká Šárka.

Route changes of tram lines

  • Tram 20 is, in the direction from the city centre, shortened to the Červený Vrch stop.
  • Trams 26 and 91 are, in the direction from the city centre, shortened to the Vozovna Vokovice stop.

Changes to tram stops

For trams 26 and 91, the Vozovna Vokovice boarding stop (in the direction to the city centre) is established in Do Vozovny street, before the intersection with Evropská street.

Replacement bus service

Regular bus lines no. 119 and 225 can be used as replacement service.

Changes to bus stops

  • For buses 119 and 225:
    • The Vozovna Vokovice stop is established in both directions, in Evropská street at the level of the tram stop in the direction from the city centre.
    • The Divoká Šárka stop is relocated (in the direction of Letiště, or Velká Ohrada) in Evropská street approximately by 30 metres backwards to the level of the end of the opposite Špotzova street.
  • For buses 300, 322, 323, 330, 342, 388, 389, 399:
    • The Divoká Šárka stop (in the direction from the city centre) in Evropská street is relocated by approximately 200 metres forwards, approximately 50 metres behind the intersection with Vlastina street.

Due to the restriction of operation in Evropská street, we recommend that passengers travelling to Václav Havel Airport Prague count on a greater time reserve or use bus 100 from the Zličín station on B line of the metro.


Documents for download

We apologise for potential inconveniences and thank you for your understanding. Further information on the emergency or on the traffic measure will be provided by the telephone information line of the Transit Company on number 296 19 18 17.

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