Commemorative coins with T3 tram

19. 06. 2024

The Czech National Bank has issued a commemorative coin with a nominal value of CZK 500, on which the ČKD Tatra T3 tram is depicted. The silver coin, supplemented with partial plating with yellow and red gold, is part of the five-part series Famous Means of Transport. It has been on sale since Tuesday, 18 June 2024.

The nominal value of the CZK 500 coin is not identical to its selling price. The selling price is higher and takes into account, among other things, the current price of silver, costs associated with production and VAT. The coin can be purchased from selected contractual partners.

On the obverse, there is the ČKD Tatra T3 tram from the side and front view, as well as a detail of its undercarriage. The reverse side shows tram no. 9 from an oblique view, including catenary and rails. The original colourfulness of the vehicle is indicated by a thin layer of yellow and red gold. The shape of the coin for the CNB was designed by the academic sculptor Zbyněk Fojtů.

The Central Bank is issuing a total of 30 thousand commemorative coins in two versions. There are 10,700 pieces in regular quality, the other 19,300 pieces are in top quality featuring a highly polished coin field and dulled relief.

On the reverse side, the silver coin is provided with partial plating in the colour of yellow gold and red gold (with copper admixture). The coins have a diameter of 40 millimetres and a weight of 25 grams. They were produced by the Czech Mint from an alloy containing 925 parts of silver and 75 parts of copper.

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