New tram line: Holyně – Slivenec

13. 10. 2023

On Friday, 13 October 2023, the DPP started regular operation on the newly built tram line in the Holyně – Slivenec section. The main goal for the construction of the new line was to improve the traffic service of Holyně and Slivenec with regard to the new development in these residential locations. Daytime trams no. 4 and 5 and night tram no. 94 newly run to Slivenec.

The new line to Slivenec is connected to the construction of the 1st stage implemented during 2021 – 2022, which included a connection to the new tram line built right behind the existing Sídliště Barrandov loop. This stage is the last stage, and its implementation means the completion of the plan to extend the tram line from the Sídliště Barrandov loop to the Slivenec loop. By building a loop, it is possible to deploy one-way trams on this line, and thus offer passengers more different connections to the city centre.

The Slivenec loop during test runs of the measuring vehicle. PHOTO: DPP – Daniel Šabík.

The tram line will form the backbone of the public transport service in the given area. A shopping centre is being built near the Slivenec loop, moreover the Capital City of Prague plans to build a P+R parking lot here. Together with the construction of the tram track, sanitary facilities for tram drivers inside the loop have been built, among other things.

Description of the new line

Permanent changes in the Prague Integrated Transport starting from 13 October 2023

After the Holyně stops, the line connects to the first Sídliště Barrandov – Holyně section and continues further in a straight direction to U Náhonu street. In this section, the maximum longitudinal slope reaches up to 53 ‰. After crossing U Náhonu street, the line continues in an arc in a western direction, in a northern position from K Barrandovu street, in parallel with the service road to the future shopping centre which is being built here.

The longitudinal slope of the track here is 20 ‰. Also, in this section the track is laid on sleepers in a gravel bed with an open top, except for the crossing over U Náhonu street, which is made of asphalt. After approximately 250 meters from the intersection with U Náhonu street, the line ends by the Slivenec loop with a pair of stops of the same name – terminal and boarding one – which are common to all lines. The stops are barrier-free, as is their access from Slivenec.

From the loop, a new pavement leads towards the underpass under K Barrandovu street, where it connects to the already built pavement with public lighting into Slivenec itself via a ramp. The walking distance from the Slivenec boarding stop to Ke Smíchovu street is less than 500 meters.

 Basic information about the new line (2nd stage)

  • New line length: 415 metres + loop (length of outer rail 607.5 meters)
  • Number of catenary poles installed: 44
  • Catenary line length: 2,892 metres
  • Used rails: NT1 (107.48 tonnes), 49E1 (75.03 tonnes)
  • Number of sleepers: 2,597
  • Landscaping: 39 trees and 14,900 bushes have been planted
  • Investor and client: Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy, akciová společnost
  • Designer: METROPROJEKT Praha a.s.
  • Contractor: STRABAG Rail a.s.
  • Public contract estimated value: CZK 369,000,000 (without VAT)
  • Construction price according to the concluded contract: CZK 233,095,519 (without VAT)

New stops

As part of the 2nd stage, the Holyně stop has been modified to its final form and a pair of stops have been established at the Slivenec turning loop. Tram stops are equipped with standard adaptations for people with reduced orientation and barrier-free access using ramps has been established at them.

Scheme of the tram operation in the Holyně – Slivenec section

Basic milestones of the construction

EIA – conclusion of the investigation procedure for the assessment of the effects of the construction on the environment

ZD – legal force to issuance of the zoning decision BP – legal force to issuance of the building permit PT – announcement of a public tender for a construction contractor CS – construction start (construction site handover) TO – start of trial operation
Dec 2006
(for both stages)
Feb 2014
(for both stages)
Feb 2022 Jul 2022 Feb 2023 Oct 2023

We have travelled the new line by a measuring vehicle


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