Tram for the 30th anniversary of the independent Czech Republic

27. 01. 2023

The DPP, in cooperation with the Capital City of Prague, presented a tram with special stickers for the 30th anniversary of the independent Czech Republic. The vehicle in the colours of the tricolour commemorates the anniversary of the election of Mr Václav Havel as the first president of the independent Czech state. The tram will carry passengers for several months on regular lines.

The interior of the vehicle is decorated with quotes from Václav Havel, which emphasise his contribution to the Czech Republic. The tram set off as part of the "Havel for Passengers" event, which commemorates Mr Havel's enormous importance together with important historic milestones, such as joining NATO, the victory of hockey players at the Olympic Games in Nagano, or joining the European Union.

Tram for the 30th anniversary of the independence of the Czech Republic at the Planetárium Praha stop


The vehicle ceremoniously set off on its first official journey on 26 January 2023 after nine o'clock in the morning from the Planetárium stop and will be deployed on various lines throughout this year.

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