The funicular cars design competition has a winner

20. 09. 2022

The Anna Marešová Designers studio, which is also the author of the concept of the iconic T3 Coupé excursion tram, became the winner of the international competition for the new look of the Petřín funicular cars.

By the end of 2022, the Prague Public Transit Company plans to announce a public contract for the purchase of new cars, and the winning car design proposal will be a part of it. The first passengers should ride the new cars at the end of 2024.

The international open design competition was announced by the Prague Public Transit Company in October last year. A total of 26 teams applied with their references and portfolios, including 10 foreign teams from 7 countries. The task of the finalists was to develop a design proposal for the bodywork and interior of the new car of the funicular to Petřín.

In the end, the jury chose the Czech studio Anna Marešová Designers as the winner of the competition. The joint design of the Austrian studios Spirit Design, Döllmann Design and Architektur ZT finished in second place. Third place was taken by a novel design by the Czech studio Aufeer Design from the Matador Group. The concept of the Munich design office N+P Innovation Design took fourth place.

"We wanted to avoid a sporty or ostentatious appearance and chose the approach of sustainable and functional design. We maximised the view and created an exposed and airy form of the funicular for the best possible riding feeling. We believe that it will serve people well and entertain them for at least the next 30 years, " said Anna Marešová, chief designer of the winning design.

Introduction of the individual designs

First place: Anna Marešová Designers


In this proposal, the jury highlighted an excellent clean solution, timelessness and well-thought-out design, and appreciated the emphasis on the riding experience. The proposal responded best to all requirements. Cleanliness and austerity provide a great background for passengers who will appreciate the panorama of Prague thanks to the generous glazing of the cabins. The poetic nature, soft shapes and friendly mask of the car invite you to take it for a ride.

The jury positively evaluated the possibility of folding all the seats, as most passengers sit only before the car leaves the station. This makes the observation deck more welcoming. The continuity and respect for the form of the existing funicular, which speaks the language of the present time, is also noticeable. The statics are real, as are the production costs. The jury appreciated the “cars meeting” theme as light, undemanding and effective.

Second place: Georg Wagner / Spirit Design – Innovation and Brand GmbH + Doellmann Design + Architektur ZT GmbH

The jury considers this design to be a technically and professionally well-crafted. This is a conservative design. The interior is too fragmented, the funicular, with its fragmentation, acts as a means of transport for longer journeys. Despite the professional approach of the design, the work with the view is minimal, and the jury lacks a "meeting place" solution.

Third place: Aufeer Design

The jury appreciates that the contestants listened to the request for an emotional component of the design. The jury evaluates the creation of possible storage locations positively. However, the jury considers it inappropriate to connect the individual sections by stairs, and moreover, some of the seats are at the limit of feasible ergonomics. Leaning takes away options.

Fourth place: N+P Innovation Design

The jury appreciates the professional preparation of the design. The design of the funicular is very contemporary, following current trends, but lacks timeless appeal. According to the jury, the funicular will age quickly in terms of its visual, but the car is planned for long-term use. The jury lacks the emotionality of the design and the relationship to the place. The design lacks a "meeting place" solution. The funicular is rich in shape, but the jury is not sure whether this is a requirement for the Petřín funicular.

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