“Beware of Tram!” application to warn of the risk of a collision with a tram in advance

03. 02. 2021

Since Wednesday, 3 February, the Prague Public Transit Company has been testing a new safety application titled “Beware of Tram!”, specifically in a total of 97 vehicles on lines no. 9, 11 and 22. The application is intended for pedestrians, cyclists as well as drivers who do not notice the approaching trams.

How does “Beware of Tram!” application work?

  • 97 trams, mainly on lines no. 9, 11 and 22, are equipped with a special transmission device "Safe", which communicates with "Beware of Tram!" application using Bluetooth technology.
  • Passengers may download “Beware of Tram!” application in App Store or Google Play free of charge.
  • “Beware of Tram!” is a safety application, after installation and intuitive setting of user preferences it runs in the background of the phone.
  • If the user on the street or in the car is not paying attention to the traffic situation, but to their mobile phone (writing or reading an SMS message, e-mail or post on social networks, listening to music, making a phone call, has navigation started) and a tram equipped with the transmission device is approaching, "Beware of Tram!" application warns the owner of the phone strongly of the impending danger of a collision.
  • The warning of collision takes place audibly (by warning ringtone) and visually (by flashing an alert on the phone display supplemented by the vibration of the device).
  • The warning is triggered automatically as soon as the approaching tram is about 100 to 120 metres away from the user, depending on the type of mobile phone.
  • If the user is not using their phone at the moment, "Beware of Tram!" application does not issue any warning about the approaching tram.

Download „Beware of Tram!“ application in App Store or in Google Play free of charge.

The aim of the project is to reduce the number of collisions with trams and to increase the public transport safety. Testing will take place until the end of June this year and the public can also participate by sending feedback via the online form on the website pozortramvaj.cz.

More information can be found at www.pozortramvaj.cz.


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