New outdoor gallery at the Vltavská metro station

28. 01. 2021

A project of a new outdoor gallery was created on the so-called Vltavská cascades near the Vltavská metro station, which will offer four thematic exhibitions to residents and visitors of Prague. The first of them is an exhibition of photographs titled "Lidé z Vltavské" ("People from Vltavská") by street photographer Kevin V. Ton, which will be on display here until 25 March.

The outdoor gallery on the Vltavská cascades is a joint project of the Prague City Gallery and the Prague Public Transit Company with the support of the Capital City of Prague’s programme "Art for the City".

In the coming years, the cascading terraces will give way to a new urban design of the Bubny area and the piazetta around the planned concert hall. Until the reconstruction, they will serve the project of the outdoor gallery, in which selected exhibition projects will alternate after three months.

The first exhibition of the outdoor gallery titled "Lidé z Vltavské" has a simple and readable theme, documenting street life and the inhabitants of the vicinity of the Vltavská metro station and the adjacent outskirts of Holešovice.

The author of the exhibition has been dealing with this topic for a long time and systematically since 2015. The project is also a reaction to this year's covid-19 pandemic.

"Lidé z Vltavské" Exhibition


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