Video: Farewell to Our Old Low-Floor “City Buses”

29. 09. 2020

For everyone, including the fans of public transportation, we have put together a video montage of our farewell to our beloved Karosa-Renault “City Bus”, which took place on Saturday, 29 August 2020. This was the last day of normal operation for these buses on the streets of Prague. Five of them made a last run on bus routes 149 and 180. Three of the buses (including the one being retired to its place in our museum) were available for fans to explore at the Střešovice Museum of Public Transport, where the official farewell took place with the participation of DPP management. The final photo shoot and the last goodbye to the City Bus took place at the Strahov bus turnoff – where each bus in the convoy left to return to its home garage.

You can also read about the City Bus farewell in the September issue of DP kontakt magazine (page.12 - 15). 

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