DPP Tests New Nanopolymer-Based Antibacterial and Antiviral Disinfectants

10. 03. 2020

Two different disinfectants, which are based on the ability of nanopolymers to destroy bacteria, viruses, yeasts, molds and other microorganisms, with a declared effectiveness of up to 21 days, will be tested by the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) starting today. In two 15T trams and one SOR NB 12D bus, tests will be conducted to verify the effectiveness of these disinfectants. This will take place during the next 14 days as part of the regular operation of these vehicles on the Prague public transport system. Both products make use of the latest trends in the use of nanotechnology and they have health certificates from the National Institute of Public Health and they meet not only the relevant Czech national standards but also the European ones. After 14 days, DPP will evaluate their efficacy based on microbiological analysis and, if their long-term bactericidal and virucidal effects are confirmed, they will endeavor to apply the products across their fleets. In spite of the higher unit costs per m2, this will significantly improve the cleanliness of buses, trams and metro trains and reduce the need to use conventional chemicals. It will also prolong the effectiveness of any disinfection work and ultimately, the healthful condition of the Prague public transport system.

Both of these new formulations have been tested and shown to be effective for up to 21 days, while the effectiveness of conventional detergents or disinfectants is in the order of tens of minutes or hours. They are broad-spectrum, killing bacterial pathogens such as Escheria coli, Salmonella typhimurium, Stapylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, angina and tuberculosis bacteria, yeasts (e.g. Candida albicans) and fungi, and in the case of PolyHMG, also viruses. The principle of their operation is similar. After application, they create an ultra-thin invisible hydrophobic layer, which protects the surface against the deposition of mineral or calcareous coatings and water rust, and they have a self-cleaning effect on the principle of the lotus flower. The layer is also antibacterial, respectively antiviral, i.e. it makes life impossible for microorganisms.

In addition to their effectiveness, efficiency and durability, they are non-flammable, stable, water- and alcohol-soluble, colorless, fragrance-free, do not endanger human or animal health or safety, do not irritate eyes or mucous membranes or cause allergic reactions. They are also low (up to 0 ° C) and high temperature (up to 100 ° C) safe, do not damage any materials, are not corrosive, do not contain alcohol, aldehydes or phenols and, last but not least, they are biodegradable.

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