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Reduced prices for a 1-year ticket and free transport for dogs – changes to the PIT Tariff starting from the 1st July 2015

As of the 1st July 2015, a number of significant changes will take place in the Prague Integrated Transport’s Tariff, which will make the use of public transport in Prague considerably more attractive for passengers.


An overview of the changes to the Tariff:

The cost of a 1-year pre-paid ticket will be reduced by CZK 1,100

Currently a 1-year pre-paid ticket covering the Prague area costs CZK 4,750; starting from the 1st July 2015 passengers will be able to purchase it either at the usual contact points, or in the Prague Public Transit Company’s e-shop, for CZK 3,650. It will be possible to purchase it either in its electronic form for uploading to a Travel Card (from the 17th June 2015, though it will not come into effect prior to the 1st July 2015) or in paper form, on the basis of the PIT card (also with validity from the 1st July 2015). The passenger will independently determine the date of the inception of the validity of this pre-paid ticket in accordance with the date that will be practicable for him/her. Within the validity period of this annual ticket it will be possible to travel throughout the entire Prague area by metro, tram, buses, trains that are integrated in the PIT system, ferries and also the funicular to Petřín.

Any person who is accompanying a child of up to 3 years of age will not require a ticket

Starting from the 1st July 2015, for any person who is travelling in Prague by means of public transport and is accompanying a child of up to 3 years of age it will not now be necessary to buy a ticket. This rule will always be applicable for one accompanying person. This new feature will not be applicable to travelling by train, nor on the special AE airport line. On these and also on the suburban buses outside the Prague limits, it will be necessary to pay the fares as it is currently.

This does not actually represent free transport, but the introduction of special CZK 0 fares in the Prague area. If any passenger accompanying a child wishes to travel at no cost, in this case s/he must carry a special “Child of up to 3 years of age” pass with a current photo and the first name, the surname and the date-of-birth of the child (or a valid ID card/a passport of the child).

At the usual PIT contact points, from the 1st July 2015, this pass will be obtainable instantly for a handling fee of CZK 20. When purchasing it, it is necessary to provide proof of the age of the child, while for its actual issuance it is requisite to submit a passport-size photograph of the child and also for the child to be recorded on one of the parents’ identity cards (if the child is not recorded there, the parent’s identity card together with the birth certificate of the child constitute a valid proof). Because of the rapidly changing appearance of children this pass is valid for a maximum period of 1 year.

Transportation for children of up to 6 years of age and of a stroller with a child in it will continue to be free throughout all the PIT tariff zones.

It will not be necessary to even pay for dogs

Another very important change in the tariff is the free transportation of dogs. From the 1st July 2015, any passenger with a PIT ticket valid for the Prague area (i.e. for zones P, 0 and B) or who is entitled to free transport in the Prague area, will not be required to pay for a dog on public transport (with the exception of the PIT trains and the AE airport line).

From now on it will not be necessary to pay for a dog on the suburban PIT buses in the outlying tariff zones outside Prague; this is only applicable, however, to holders of time-tickets for the outlying zones. Other passengers will pay a one-time fee of CZK 16 for their dogs.



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