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Petřín funicular re-opens after reconstruction

After more than a half- year closure, the reconstructed funicular to Petřín was put into operation for the travelling public again on Friday, the 8th of April 2016 from 11:00 a.m.). The reconstruction, absolutely unique by its length and the extent of restoration, commenced at the beginning of September 2015.


Due to the fact that the original bridge in the  Nebozízek station was becoming instable as a result of poor subsoil, the funicular reconstruction was necessary especially from the perspective of safety and operation quality. During the reconstruction, a new reinforced-concrete bridge and a platform in the Nebozízek station have been built. The station has also been equipped with new lightning, new access stairs, railing and a new gateway. Simultaneously, the reconstruction was carried out in the remaining two stations of the funicular, i.e. the Petřín station and Újezd station. In the Petřín station, the security system and technological base have been reconstructed. In the Újezd station, the entrance hall, platform and restrooms for passengers have been restored. At the same time, the base for employees has been renovated. During the reconstruction, also the regular reviews of the carriages have been carried out, by which the exterior paint has been amended and the floors in some carriages have been replaced as well. Moreover, a permanent exhibition mapping the history of the Petřín funicular and, now defunct, Letná funicular has been made accessible to visitors again, in the premises of the upper Petřín station. The exhibition has newly been extended by several boards outlining the recent reconstruction of the funicular, including a several-minute long video displaying the most interesting scenes of this project.

The Petřín funicular launched its operation (using a water overbalance mechanism) in 1891 and is 510 metres long. Its operation was firstly interrupted in 1916 in the context of the First World War which stopped the funicular for long 16 years (the operation was restarted in 1932, already with electric drive). Long-standing rains together with landslides in 1965 caused destruction of the track – subsequent waiting for the funicular reopening drew out to no shorter than two decades. Prague citizens celebrated the resumption of the funicular operation no sooner than on the 15th of June 1985. Only a month later, the resumption to operation was emphasised by opening the middle station Nebozízek. This is the shape in which the funicular to Petřín operates until nowadays.

All the information about the Petřín funicular can be found at this link.


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