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Contactless Purchase of Tickets is now also available on Line No. 18

The Prague Public Transit Company, in cooperation with ČSOB, a. s., MasterCard® Europe SA and Mikroelektronika spol. s. r. o., is expanding its pilot project for contactless fare payment by means of a payment card to Škoda 15T trams to also include all the No. 18 line’s connections.


After the two trams that serve line 22 and which are still clearly marked with a sticker placed at each door of the tram, passengers can now also enjoy the possibility of paying for their tickets using contactless payment cards on all the Škoda 15T vehicles that serve line No. 18. Vending machines that offer the option of contactless payment are installed in the trams operating on those lines, and always at the entrances to the car through the first, third and fifth doors. Passengers can purchase a single fare in the amount of CZK 24 or CZK 32 or an all-day fare for CZK 110; in addition there are 50% discounted fares for children and seniors for CZK 12 or CZK 16 or CZK 55. After buying a ticket from the vending machine the printed ticket is already validated and therefore there is no need of its additional validation. During each transaction only one ticket can be purchased, however.

The pilot project for purchasing tickets by means of contactless payment is planned to last for a period of one year. If the pilot project is evaluated as being both functional and seamless, the Prague Public Transit Company is planning to roll-out this method of purchasing tickets on other Prague tramlines.

The timetables of the lines that provide the possibility of purchasing tickets using contactless payment cards:


What should you do in the case of experiencing problems when using the contactless method?

Troubleshooting of the most common situations that arise:

A “Transaction declined” message is displayed

Possible causes:

  1. The offline limits of the card have been exhausted

  2. Solution: In the event that you have sufficient funding and a message appears stating that the card transaction has been rejected, one possibility is that the offline limits of the card have been exhausted and that therefore online authorisation could not be implemented. To reset these limits it is necessary to carry out a contact transaction, i.e. at a sales location the card is inserted into a payment terminal and the transaction by a contact chip is implemented. Another option is to insert the card into the ATM and carry out, for example, a balance inquiry. Offline limits can be reset by any transaction carried out using the ATM.

  3. The card is unable to communicate with the terminal

  4. Solution: The passenger should ask his/her issuing bank for verification of the card’s functionality and its setting.

A “Problems with Clearing” message is displayed

Possible causes:

  1. The passenger complains about debit adjustment

  2. Solution: The cardholder is obliged to contact his/her issuing bank. This bank will subsequently contact the CSOB bank as a merchant bank and pass relevant documents to the issuing bank concerning any refund or confirmation of the amount. The operator of the carrier's contact point does not refund any money to the cardholder.

  3. The passenger complains about the transaction and the debit adjustment that was implemented from his/her account using a card that s/he had reported to his/her bank as having been stolen or lost.

  4. Solution: If the transaction was conducted using a card that had been reported as “lost” the passenger needs to contact his/her issuing bank and file a complaint in regard to this transaction. The operator of the carrier's contact point does not refund any money to the cardholder.


Complaint Form:

In the case of any further problem(s) in regard to the purchase of a ticket, please use the complaint form at this link.


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