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Cool Tour Line – First Awards

On Tuesday, 22 April 2008 an awards ceremony took place in the meeting room of the National Museum in Prague, where prizes were handed out to those that visited the most exhibitions within the scope of the COOL TOUR LINE event jointly put on by the National Museum, the National Gallery and the Prague Transit Co., and managed to fill up their entire Cool Tour passbook with stamps.


The „most industrious" participants in this project received nice books from Pavel Douša and Petr Janeček, representing the National Museum, Eva Kolerusová and Tomáš Krejča, representing the National Gallery, and Pavla Holubová, representing the Prague Transit Co.

The very first to receive the award were the husband and wife team of Ludmila and Jiří Dušek from Prague 8, who didn't miss one single Cool Tour Line event since its start in September, and who without exaggeration spoke of this project only in superlatives, and had especially good things to say about the quality of the selection of exhibitions.

Prague Transit Co. buses will continue to transport those interested to selected exhibitions on the first Saturday of each month (with the exception of June, when the Museum Night takes place), including the summer holidays. The Prague City Museum has also expressed interest in this project, which in the future will undoubtedly contribute to an increase in the scope and quality of available exhibitions.


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