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Info centres

All important information on the operation of public transport, routes, timetables and fares is available to passengers at the Info Centres. Info Centre staff provide information in Czech and English, as well as in other world languages, including via the telephone.

The following can be purchased when visiting an Info Center in person:

  • metro, tram and bus timetables from any stop,
  • a map of Prague with a plan of the public transport network,
  • publications on the history and present of public transport in Prague,
  • promotional items of the Transit Company.

Pamphlets on planned and current route detours and changes and other information materials on public transport in Prague can be obtained free of charge.

The following tickets and passes can be purchased:

  • single-ride tickets for 30 or 90 minutes,
  • tourist tickets for 24 or 72 hours,
  • electronic tickets uploaded to smart cards (except the Airport Terminal 2 IC),
  • interruption of the validity of annual passes uploaded to smart cards (except the Airport Terminal 2 IC),
  • paper passes for PIT cards (except the Airport Terminal 2 IC),
  • PIT cards (except the Airport Terminal 2 IC).

The Hradčanská IC also provides extended ticket selling services and offers all types of individual tickets, including zone tickets, as well as all types of paper passes.


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