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Info centres

Passengers can obtain all the essential information regarding the operation of the public transport system, i.e. its routes, its timetables and its fares, at the Information Centres. In addition to Czech and English their staff is also able to provide information in other world languages, even via a telephone.

When visisitng the Information Centre in person it is possible to purchase:

  • Metro, tram and bus timetables,
  • Maps and plans of Prague and of its surroundings
  • Publications concerning the history and the present status of public transport in Prague
  • The Prague Public Transit Company's promotional items.
  • Prague Card

It is also possible to obtain leaflets about planned and ongoing closures and about changes to routes and other informational materials about Prague public transport system free of charge.

From a wide range of tickets it is possible to purchase:

  • Single tickets for 30 or 90 minutes
  • Tourist tickets for 24 or 72 hours
  • Electronic fares that will be recorded on a chip card (with the exception of the Information Centre at Airport Terminal 2)
  • Paper coupons with an optional commencement date of their validity,
  • PIT cards.

The Hradčanská and Nádraží Veleslavín Information Centres provide an enhanced service for the sale of tickets and also offer all kinds of individual tickets, including zone tickets. Hradčanská Information Centre additionally sells all kinds of available paper coupons, including those for a fixed calendar period.

The Information Centres of the Prague Public Transit Company are operated by the Department 100740 Traffic Information Centres.


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