The tendering procedure – prague metro

Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy, joint-stock company announces a tendering procedure for selection of the lessee of the specified premises in the Prague metro.


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Restrictions in transit:

Zličín: Temporary relocation of stops 19.8. 04:30 until cancelled
Because of the reconstruction of the Zličín bus terminal, starting on  Monday,…

The Spojovací turning loop: Temporary suspension of tram operation 10.8. 00:20 - 31.8. 04:30
Because of installation and taking down of the rail crossing, on  Saturday,…

The area of Zahradní Město: Temporary restriction of bus and tram operation 25.7. 04:30 - 26.8. 00:30
Because of the preparatory work before the reconstruction of the railway…

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