DPP expands the network of contactless terminals into the metro. You will now check the validity of your fixed-period coupons through them

30. 06. 2019

Today the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) started to install contactless terminals for the purchase of tickets in the first metro stations. They will be located in the stations’ vestibules, on stands instead of the Opencard validators. Their operation is based on the same principle as terminals which DPP had installed into all trams in Prague this spring. They have been added an additional functionality: passengers will newly be able to check the validity of their purchased fixed-period coupons through them. The installation of 77 terminals in the individual Prague metro stations will last until the end of this summer holiday.

This spring, DPP had installed the orange contactless terminals for the purchase of tickets into all Prague trams. From today, their network will gradually expand to the vestibules of the metro stations too, replacing the non-functional Opencard validators. In total there will be 77 terminals of yellow colour in the Prague metro, and besides basic functions such as purchase of tickets for 30 or 90 minutes and 24 hours in full or discounted version, passengers will newly be able to use them to simply verify the validity of their fixed-period coupons. Just select "Fixed-Period Coupon Verification" on the terminal home screen and place an identifier, i.e. PID Lítačka, In Karta of Czech Railways, or a contactless payment card, to which the fixed-period coupon is assigned.

The contactless terminals on former Opencard stands will operate in test mode by the end of January 2020. By the end of this summer holiday they will be installed in all the metro stations except for Bořislavka, Petřiny and Nemocnice Motol, where the Opencard validators were a part of the wall mosaic. During the test operation, DPP will also add the contactless terminals to the three mentioned stations of the metro line A.

The principle of purchasing tickets through contactless terminals in the metro is the same as in the case of terminals in Prague trams. It is necessary to activate the terminal by touching it, the passenger then selects the type of fare, places a contactless payment card to the terminal and the ticket with already marked validity period gets printed within two seconds. Therefore, the tickets purchased from the contactless terminals are no longer validated! Just like in trams, contactless terminals in the metro communicate besides Czech also in English, German and Russian.

Checking the validity of purchased fixed-period coupons through a contactless terminal is easy. Just select "Fixed-Period Coupon Verification" option and place an identifier, i.e. PID Lítačka, In Karta of Czech Railways, or a contactless payment card, depending to which the coupon is assigned. The terminal subsequently shows to the passenger all coupons, their validity from – to, zones, tariff according to PID (for example monthly or annual coupon), validity of discount from – to, and customer profile (e.g. Student).

In addition to the contactless terminals, in selected metro stations and through selected vending machines tickets can be purchased using a payment card, both contact and contactless. DPP is gradually expanding also the network of these vending machines and plans to equip each metro station with them by the end of next year.

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