News and events

01. 09. 2021

Video: Travelling with a pram

How can an injury occur if a pram is in wrong position in the vehicle, and what does it look like when you enter a tram’s driving track with a pram? In…

16. 08. 2021

Video: 130 years of electric railways

In June and July, we commemorated the 130th anniversary of the start of operation of the first electric railway in the Czech Republic with various…

13. 07. 2021

Repurchase of paper tickets

In connection with the change of the PID Tariff as of 1 August 2021, the repurchase of unused tickets begins from Monday, 2 August 2021.

08. 07. 2021

Online Payment of Fines

The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) has introduced a new option for passengers to pay their tranport fare fines and surcharges. They can now quickly…

01. 06. 2021

Two New Historic Tram Lines – Numbers 42 and 43 – to Open This Summer

From 1 July 2021, two new historical lines - Numbers 42 and 43 - will appear in Prague. They will provide riders with connections between the most…

25. 05. 2021

Karlovo náměstí is the 46th barrier-free station of the Prague metro

The Karlovo náměstí station on the metro B line has become already 46th fully barrier-free station within the Prague metro network. Two pairs of…

03. 05. 2021

The Museum of Public Transport to Reopen on the Second Saturday in May

Due to the loosening of the government’s anti-pandemic measures, the Museum of Public Transport in Střešovice will reopen its gates to the public on…

20. 04. 2021

Service on Newly Reactivated Tram Line Number 19 to Start in June

Lehovec, Palmovka, Žižkov, Strašnice and Vršovice will be connected by the newly reactivated tram line number 19, which will start operating in June…

09. 03. 2021

Respirators in the offering of points of sale, Information centres and the Fanshop of the Prague Public Transit Company

On Tuesday, 9 March 2021, the Prague Public Transit Company included FF2 respirators in the offering of its point of sale, Information centres and the…

28. 02. 2021

Respirators mandatory starting from 25 February 2021

Passengers are obliged to have their mouth and nose covered by a respirator in all means of public transport, in all areas of the Prague metro as well…