Construction of the trolleybus line has begun

10. 01. 2022

On 10 January 2022, the Prague Public Transit Company launched the construction of the infrastructure for the first regular trolleybus line since 1954 in the sections Palmovka – Prosek and Letňany – Čakovice.

The construction of the overhead contact lines and power infrastructure will last 10 months, its commissioning is expected during October this year. It will mean real return of trolleybuses to Prague. They will run on line 58 from Palmovka to Čakovice, and part of the connections all the way to Miškovice.

Commencement of the trolleybus line construction

Facts and figures of the trolleybus line construction

  • The electrification of the route of bus line 140 will be carried out by the association of the companies Elektrizace Praha and OHLA ŽS.
  • The total value of the contract is almost 284 million crowns.
  • The overhead contact lines will cover about 50% of the total route of the current bus line 140, which will be changed to trolleybus line 58 upon completion of the construction.
  • The contractor will connect to less than a kilometre of the existing overhead contact lines in Prosecká street, between the stops Kundratka and Kelerka. New overhead contact lines will also be added in both directions in the Palmovka – Kundratka section, then between the stops Kelerka and Prosecká, and between the Letňany bus terminal and the Čakovice shopping centre, a total of over 11 kilometres of overhead contact lines.
  • After the construction is completed, the overhead contact lines of line 58 will be almost 14 kilometres long.

In addition to the construction of traction masts and overhead contact lines, a cable route will be laid, a new container substation will be built, as well as 18 charging stations in the Klíčov garage of the Prague Public Transit Company and a new container battery station in Čakovice, which will be used to charge trolleybus traction batteries at the terminal stop. The contractor will further modify and equip the existing substation in Prosecká and the former trolleybus substation in Příborská Street in Letňany with new technology, where the latter will, after more than 55 years, once again serve its original purpose – supplying traction lines for trolleybuses.