Karlovo náměstí is the 46th barrier-free station of the Prague metro

25. 05. 2021

The Karlovo náměstí station on the metro B line has become already 46th fully barrier-free station within the Prague metro network. Two pairs of elevators, which the Prague Public Transit Company started to build at the end of April 2019, were put into operation on Tuesday, 25 May 2021.

Barrier-free access to the Karlovo náměstí station involved building two pairs of new elevators and a transfer corridor which connects them to each other.

The first pair of elevators begins in the middle of the platform. Passengers with reduced mobility, mothers or parents with strollers, or cyclists may use them to get into the transfer corridor, which comfortably leads them to the lower station of the second pair of elevators, where also the paid area ends.

The second pair of elevators takes passengers to street level, to Václavská street at the entrance to Václavská passage.

Barrier-free access to the Karlovo náměstí station in numbers:

  • 7.42 metre is the lift of the pair of elevators from the platform to the transfer corridor 
  • 80 metres is the length of the newly built transfer corridor 
  • 0,3% is the slope of the transfer corridor
  • 33 meters below the earth's surface there is the transfer corridor
  • 33.81 metres is the lift of the pair of elevators from the transfer corridor to the street level
  • 1,000 kg is the load capacity of each elevator
  • 13 people is the capacity of each elevator
  • 570 days was the duration of the work on the barrier-free access to the station 
  • 5,200 m3 of material has been brought out by the contractors during the excavation of the shafts and the transfer corridor 

As part of the construction of elevators at the Karlovo náměstí station, we have also modified and supplemented the information navigation system in the street level around the station, which clearly directs passengers to the entrances to the station or to the newly built elevators.