Service on Newly Reactivated Tram Line Number 19 to Start in June

20. 04. 2021

Lehovec, Palmovka, Žižkov, Strašnice and Vršovice will be connected by the newly reactivated tram line number 19, which will start operating in June after the reconstruction of the tram tracks in Táborská Street.

The new tram line will run along the newly built tracks to the Pankrác Metro station. At the same time, adjustments will be made to the routes of lines 5, 13, 16 and 24.

Tram Line No.19 - Route
Lehovec – Nádraží Vysočany – Palmovka – Biskupcova – Želivského – Strašnická – Kubánské náměstí – Slavia – Koh-i-noor – Nádraží Vršovice – Náměstí Bratří Synků – Pražského povstání – Pankrác.  

Duplicate Routes: Tram 19 and Bus 193 in Prague 4

The connection between Pankrác and Pražského povstání with the Vršovice railway station is now provided by bus line 193. As soon as tram line 19 starts running along this route, both the tram and bus lines will follow exactly the same route. But bus line 193 will not be taken away from this route. Most of the connections will run from Šeberák and end at the Pražského povstání stop; but there will be 2-3 connections every hour, which will continue directly to Nusle and to the Nádraží Vršovice.

Other Tram Line Adjustments

The restarting of tram line number 19 will include adjustments to these other tram lines in Prague:

5    Tram line number 5 will run from Olšanské náměstí along Olšanská Street to Ohrada and to the Vozovna Žižkov, where it will end. The connection between Seifertova Street and Flora will continue to be provided by line number 15. Between Flora and Ústřední dílny DP, the previous line 5 tram service will be fully replaced by tram line 16.

13    Tram line number 13 will now end at Olšanské hřbitovy station together with line number 15, as the connection from Vinohrady to Nové Strašnice will be provided by tram line number 16.

16    With the restarting of tram line 19, there will be no need to have tram line 16 provide service between the Želivského, Palmovka, Nádraží Vysočany and Lehovec stops, therefore, tram line number 16 will run straight from Želivský to the Krematorium Strašnice, to Vinice, Černokostelecká and to Ústřední dílny DP. From here it will replace service by lines number 5 and 13 and will now offer a connection from the Nové Strašnice area without any transfer to Karlovo náměstí.

24    The route of tram line number 24 will be shortened to end at Náměstí Bratří Synků and service from there to Vršovice will be taken over by the new line 19, as well as by lines 6 and 7, which already run to there today. Unlike line 24, line 19 service to Vršovice will be in operation on weekends, as well as every day during the evening.

Some Interesting Information about Tram Line Number 19

In the area of Náměstí Bratří Synků, line 19 will take a shortcut as it travels from Pankrác to Lehovec along Na Zámecké Street using tracks which are now only used by night trams. It bypasses the busy Otakarov traffic light intersection and will save passengers approximately two minutes of travel time.

In Jana Želivského Street, just behind the major Želivského traffic light intersection, a new tram stop is being prepared in the direction of the freight train station. It will serve tram lines 10 and 19, which will leave from there to go together to Palmovka, to serve Metro passengers from one common stop. When complete, the stop will also serve lines 11 and 26. DPP is working to complete this new stop as soon as possible.

The length of the route of new tram line 19 is approximately 17 kilometers and it will have 38 stops on it.

Only two-way KT8D5.RN2P type articulated trams will operate on tram line 19. Trams will depart from a temporary depot at the Central Workshops of DPP (Ústřední dílny DP), which is currently being used while reconstruction work is underway at the Vozovna Hloubětín.

Tram line 19 will be permanently returning to Prague's streets almost exactly 9 years after its service was halted. The last time it operated on the route Lehovec - Želivského - Nádraží Strašnice / Radošovická was 22 May 2012.

PHOTO: Archives DPP and Jan Šurovský.