Current Measures in Operation of Prague Integrated Transport

09. 09. 2020

With regard to the current epidemiological situation in Prague, the following measures are being taken in the operation of the Prague Integrated Transport:


  • Closing of the front doors of trams for boarding/exit of passengers, except for 14T and 15T tram types and tram 32 (between Barrandov and Hlubočepy)
  • Central opening of doors is introduced, without the need of using the request door button
  • “Request stops” mode is cancelled


  • Closing of the front doors of buses for boarding/exit of passengers and physical barriers in the first row of seats for passengers
  • Central opening of doors is introduced
  • “Request stops” remain in regular mode, with regard to compliance with timetables and mandatory safety breaks for drivers

When transporting persons with limited mobility and orientation (especially visually impaired and blind passengers), the driver of a bus or a tram will provide the passenger with information as needed, as well as with any necessary assistance for safe boarding and exit.


  • Central opening of doors remains in force

At the same time, we draw attention to the obligation of having mouth and nose covered during the entire stay in all means of public transport, including the funicular, in all areas of the Prague metro, including vestibules, and inside the Information Centres of the Prague Public Transit Company.

The obligation to cover mouth and nose does not apply to persons driving a public transport vehicle or a bus even within other than public transport, unless they are in direct contact with passengers at their check-in.

Thank you for your cooperation and for observing these measures.