25 stations of the Prague metro covered by the LTE network

18. 06. 2020

Passengers can now use the signal of the high-speed LTE network also in the section from Florenc to Palmovka of the Prague metro line B, including both stations and Staroměstská station (line A).

Mobile services of the LTE standard serve passengers in the Prague metro already in 25 stations and adjacent tunnels between them, namely in the sections Bořislavka – Nemocnice Motol (4 stations) and Staroměstská – Muzeum (3 stations) of line A, in the sections Nádraží Holešovice– Roztyly (12 stations) of line C, Anděl – Smíchovské nádraží section (2 stations) and newly also in the Florenc – Palmovka section (4 stations) of line B. DPP is working intensively to cover other stations with the LTE signal in cooperation with a consortium of operators (O2 Czech Republic, T-Mobile Czech Republic, Vodafone Czech Republic) and CETIN company.