Restoration of the standard regime of bus and tram passengers dispatching

05. 06. 2020

Starting on Monday, 8 June 2020, the Prague Public Transit Company restores the standard regime of passengers dispatching on all city bus and tram lines. The passengers will be enabled to use the front door for boarding the vehicles again and the first two rows of seats, which were blocked so far, will be available again.

Changes in operation of buses and trams from 8 June 2020

  • Boarding of vehicles allowed also by the front door
  • Drivers will not automatically open doors at every stop anymore, passengers need to press the corresponding button for exit or boarding and door opening
  • Night operation of buses 149, 150, 170 and 176 is restored

From Wednesday, 1 July 2020 it is still necessary to cover your mouth and nose during the entire stay in all areas of the Prague metro. Although the face masks are not mandatory from 1 July 2020 anymore in surface public transport vehicles, i.e. buses, trams, trolleybuses or the funicular, with respect to mutual courtesy and safety of both passengers and drivers, we still recommend wearing them. Abolition of additional ticket sales from drivers on city bus lines remains in force as well.