News and events

20. 09. 2022

The funicular cars design competition has a winner

The Anna Marešová Designers studio, which is also the author of the concept of the iconic T3 Coupé excursion tram, became the winner of the…

15. 08. 2022

New Depo Hostivař tram loop

Starting on Saturday, 13 August 2022, the new Depo Hostivař tram loop is in trial operation. Newly, the extended tram 7 terminates in this loop and tram…

02. 08. 2022

The Podbaba – Bohnice cable car architectural competition has a winner

William Matthews Associates, the London studio which is also responsible for the designs of the London cable car or the modernisation of the London…

12. 06. 2022

Free transportation for citizens of Ukraine

As of 12 June 2022, the terms and conditions for use of the Prague Integrated Transport (Pražská integrovaná doprava – “PID”) network by Ukrainian war…

04. 04. 2022

New tram line: Sídliště Barrandov – Holyně

On Saturday, 9 April 2022, the Prague Public Transit Company will launch regular operation on the newly built tram line between Sídliště Barrandov and…

22. 03. 2022

Historical trams to be launched at the end of March

Starting from Saturday, 26 March 2022, historical tram 42, which is operated jointly by the Prague Public Transit Company and the Prague City Tourism,…

21. 03. 2022

Changes in the PID Tariff valid from 1 April 2022

Starting on Friday, 1 April 2022, the Prague Integrated Transport tariff is changed, following the adjustments to the nationwide discounts.

21. 02. 2022

New electric buses in the streets of Prague

On Monday, 17 January 2022, the Prague Public Transit Company deployed for the first time the new Škoda E’CITY electric bus on line no. 213. The novelty…

21. 02. 2022

Hydrogen-powered bus testing

Prague City Council approved the Prague Public Transit Company’s project for long-term testing of a hydrogen-powered bus. The Prague Public Transit…

10. 01. 2022

Construction of the trolleybus line has begun

On 10 January 2022, the Prague Public Transit Company launched the construction of the infrastructure for the first regular trolleybus line since 1954…