News and events

07. 01. 2021

Information on the actual departure of trams from the stops

The online information on the actual departure time of all tram connections of DPP from individual stops, in how long the tram will arrive, as well as…

02. 01. 2021

Current Measures in Operation of Prague Integrated Transport

With regard to the current epidemiological situation in Prague, the following measures are being taken in the operation of the Prague Integrated Transport:

31. 12. 2020

Metro Mobile Signal Availability

Passengers can now use the signal of the high-speed LTE network also in the section from Karlovo náměstí to Smíchovské nádraží of the Prague metro line…

16. 12. 2020

Opatov becomes the Prague Metro’s 45th Barrier-Free Station

After a year of construction work, the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) has completed the modernization of Opatov station on line C, with its grand…

19. 11. 2020

Prestigious award for T3 Coupé tram

The jury of the prestigious German Design Award international competition awarded in the current year 2021, in the Aviation, Navy and Railways category,…

14. 10. 2020

Large-Scale Murals to be Added to Several Stations

The building containing the emergency exit from the Opatov metro station is to be decorated with a new large mural entitled “Flora and Fauna” by the…

14. 10. 2020

Face masks obligatory again in the entire public transport from 1 September 2020

Effective from 1 September 2020 until further notice, based on an emergency measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, passengers are…

29. 09. 2020

Video: Farewell to Our Old Low-Floor “City Buses”

For everyone, including the fans of public transportation, we have put together a video montage of our farewell to our beloved Karosa-Renault “City…

23. 09. 2020

Procedure to be followed for the acceptance of a certificate of being a student (study certificate) using an electronic signature from an authorized person

For the school year 2020/2021 and because of the current epidemic, schools have begun to issue students with a currently studying “study certificate”…

16. 09. 2020

SOR NB12 has the new “look”

On Thursday, 17 September 17, the first SOR NB12 bus (registration number 3694) to be painted with the new unified color scheme (of red and light grey)…