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Bus AE (Airport Express)

More information is available at our number: 296 19 18 17.


A special airport bus providing direct interconnection of air, rail and urban mass transit from 5:30 to 22:00 (timetable).

  • interval: 15 – 30 minutes,
  • travel time: 33 minutes,
  • fare:
    • the regular PIT tariff is not valid, tickets are non-transferrable and single-trip, valid only on this particular line,
    • purchase tickets from the driver
    • Adults
      • Hlavní nádraží – Letiště: 60 CZK
      Child 6-15 age, fare for a dog
      discount 50%
      Child to the 6 age
      free of charge
      free of charge
    • Appropriate Czech Railways travel documents as well as international travel documents issued abroad are also valid on this line.
  • route: Hlavní nádraží (C, train)Terminál 1 (flights to the countries beside Schengens space : in Europe for example Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, Rumania and Bulgaria, intercontinental flights), exit only – Terminál 2 (flights to the countries in Schengens space: Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Lavia, Luxemburg, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland), exit only – Letiště

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