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Operation on all the lines that are included in the Prague Integrated Transport system is carried-out by vehicles that enable the transportation of bicycles.

The transportation of a higher number of bicycles is specifically enabled by connections (lines) provided by electrical units or by trains that are specially reinforced for transporting bicycles. On the other lines that are included in the PIT system the basic transportation of bicycles is most frequently ensured by the use of motor and trailer vehicles. For passengers with a valid PIT ticket (a document for free transport pursuant to the PIT tariff) the transportation of bicycles as baggage is free-of-charge in Prague (in zones P, 0 and B). The transportation of bicycles as baggage is guaranteed only on those trains that are identified in the timetable with a bicycle symbol.

Also prepared for the passenger is a special train entitled Cyklohráček, the interior of which has been specifically adapted for transporting bicycles.

Outside Prague (i.e. in zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7) the price charged for the transportation of a bicycle starts at CZK 30 and it is calculated in accordance with the distance travelled. Additional detailed information can be found on the Czech Railways website.


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