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With a bicycle

S jízdním kolem: ilustrační fotografie

 The transporting of bicycles within the Prague Integrated Transport system is nothing complicated. Quite the contrary - the opportunities for travelling with bicycles have significantly expanded during recent years and they can now be brought onto all kinds of public transport with the exception of buses. By permitting bicycle transportation, public transport is helping their riders to deal with less safe sections of the busy city streets and elevations while, at the same, it is also facilitating healthy exercise on bicycles for the less proficient cyclists.

Specific options for travelling with a bicycle within the Prague Integrated Transport system using the different types of transport means are described below. When boarding with a bicycle, please also remember that its transportation is subject to the rules that are listed in the Terms and Conditions of Carriage (Article 7.2).

A summary of the conditions for the transportation of bicycles in PIT vehicles


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