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Using Lifts in the Metro

Providing barrier-free access to selected stations via the use of freight lifts was one of the measures taken by the Prague Public Transport Company to provide access to disabled travellers to stations where this option was not even considered when the Prague Metro was being built.

Using freight lifts for the transport of immobile passengers was approved by the governing body in 1990 (at that time the SDTI), while adhering to current standards and conditions imposed by them, which were incorporated into a mandatory procedure for the trained escort of individuals in wheelchairs – freight lift operators.

Only stations where it was technically possible were made accessible via freight lifts, thus only at the Háje, Opatov, Chodov, Roztyly and Nádraží Holešovice metro stations.

During transport on a modified freight lift (pictogram of a wheelchair plus accompanying person), a qualified operator must be present. This person presents a „Lift operator's permit" to the station superintendent (transport handler) upon entry, who in exchange for this permit gives him a key to the lift. After transport has taken place, he returns the key and is given his permit back.

The training of freight lift operators for accompanying people in wheelchairs is provided by the Prague Transit Company, service 244000 - Transportation Equipment, through another organization. The courses are therefore usually organized for larger groups of candidates (approximately 10 people). Nevertheless, it is possible to arrange the acquirement of a freight lift license for an individual. Each candidate must demonstrate the physical fitness to perform the duties of a freight lift operator for lifts with a capacity of over 500 kg in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 373/2011 Coll. on specific health services, according to Decree No. 79/2013, § 11 paragraph 3) and 4). The form for conducting medical examinations shall also be provided by service 244000 (it can be downloaded here). The financial costs associated with the medical examination shall be reimbursed to the candidates retroactively upon presentation of the relevant certificate from the attending physician. The information above implies that the the individual in the wheelchair must arrange to be accompanied by other person.

Your steps to receive authorisation:

  • have your doctor confirm the form „Physical Fitness Evaluation" (you will hand in the confirmed form during training),
  • arrange a date for freight lift operator training
    (Mr. Radek Šebele, tel. 222 672 931,

After finishing training you will receive a permit that will authorise you to use the lifts. Please provide the following information for the permit:

  • name and surname
  • ID card or passport number
  • address
  • if you work for an organization, its exact name and address.

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