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Transit Schematics

Regular conditions

The following transit maps show regular conditions. Any temporary route changes can be found here.

PIT (fare zones)

Formats: PDF: 188 kB From 1 May 2017

Metro (orientation plan)

Formats: PDF, 591 kB PNG: 349 kB  From 14th December 2017

Metro and trams

Formats: PDF, 1,0 MB PNG: 1,0 MB  From 14th November 2017

Metro and trams (stops)

Formats: PDF, 1,6 MB PNG: 575 kB  From 14th November 2017

Metro and buses

Formats: PDF, 1,4 MB PNG: 1,6 MB  From 1st July 2018

Night service

Formats: PDF, 2,54 MB PNG: 784 kB  From 30 April 2017

Night service (orientation map)

Formats: PDF, 1,2 MB PNG: 779 kB  From 30 August 2017

Transporting bicycles
in trams

Formats: PDF, 1,1 MB PNG: 481 kB  From 14th November 2017

Trams and special buses for handicapped persons

Formats: PDF: 1,99 MB PNG: 623 kB From 14th November 2017

Service to Airport - daytime

Formats: PDF, 1,13 MB PNG: 588 kB  From 14th November 20177


Holiday conditions

Metro and trams (stops)

Formats: PDF, 3,54 MB  July – August 2011


In order to view maps in PDF format, you need to have Adobe Reader installed; this program can be legally downloaded free of charge from Adobe Corporation's website here.


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