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7. Relations between Carrier And Passenger

  • The carrier is obliged to post necessary information regarding transport conditions, PIT tariffs, the transport situation and the monitoring of the area in vehicles or in other designated locations.
  • In particular, passengers are not allowed to do the following during transport:
    • to board or exit if a sound or light alarm is present
    • board a vehicle that is fully occupied, or enter a vehicle (enter a transit area) in soiled clothing
    • in metro stations, enter the area demarcated by the safety strip before the train stops
    • be in the area reserved for the driver of the vehicle, or interfere with the driver's field of view
    • talk to the driver while in motion or open the vehicle's doors and, without reason, activate the carrier's equipment
    • lean against vehicle doors, prevent their opening and closing
    • smoke, eat and drink in the vehicle and in the transit area
    • stand, kneel or lie on the seats, hang on the support straps and poles
    • behave in a noisy manner, play music and play recorded music or speech in a loud manner
    • lean out of the windows and throw items from the vehicle, or allow them to stick out of the vehicle
    • perform sales activities or offer printed matter or other items in vehicles and in the transit area
    • otherwise violate the provisions of the Transport Regulations or the Transport Terms of Service
  • Passengers are obliged (except for permitted exceptions) to obtain a transport document prior to boarding the vehicle (entering the transit area).
  • Passengers are obliged to board suburban PIT buses only via the front doors (if not otherwise stipulated) and show the driver a valid transport document.
  • In vehicles equipped with devices for notifying of the need to open doors, the passenger shall use the designated button.
  • In vehicles equipped with an internal intercom with the driver, passengers may activate this device only when stopping at a stop or when the vehicle is standing.
  • If a passenger endangers the driver or another authorised individual, this is an infraction in accordance with generally binding transport regulations.

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