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6. Conditions for the Transport of Luggage and Live Animals

  • Passengers may bring on board a vehicle a maximum of 3 pieces of luggage up to a total weight of 50 kg; passengers are responsible for keeping an eye on their luggage. The driver or an authorised individual may designate where in the vehicle the luggage is to be placed.
  • Travellers are not allowed to bring onto vehicles nor into transit areas:
    • dangerous substances and items, with the exception of those listed below
    • items whose transport endangers the safety or interests of passengers
    • bicycles (not applicable to the metro or cycle buses)
    • items whose dimensions exceed 50 x 60 x 80 cm or a cylindrical item longer than 3 m or having a diameter greater than 25 cm, and tabular items that have dimensions greater than 150 x 150 x 10 cm, even if only one of these dimensions is exceeded; exceptions are prams, wheelchairs, two pairs of skis with poles (in one case), a musical instrument including its case, and in the metro and cycle bus, bicycles.
  • Of dangerous items, the passenger may bring as luggage into one tram, funicular or bus vehicle one steel bottle with liquid and natural gas or coolant of a total mass up to 10kg or at most 2 containers with diesel containing a total of 20 l, if they have a tight cap and are secured against tipping. Both types of fuel may not be transported in one vehicle at the same time.
  • Dangerous items must not be transported on a vestibule reserved for the transport of prams (in a funicular vehicle, on a vestibule containing a pram).
  • In the metro, transport of dangerous items is forbidden; passengers may not even enter the metro transit area with them.
  • Luggage of dimensions greater than 25 x 45 x 70 cm, rod-shaped items longer than 150 cm with a diameter greater than 20 cm, and tabular items larger than 100 x 100 x 5 cm are subject to fees per the PIT Tariff
  • Live animals are transported, if not prohibited by veterinary measures and if they are not a nuisance to passengers; the animal must be in a closed carrier with an impermeable bottom.
  • Transport of carrier with animals is subject to conditions for transport of luggage.
  • Only a dog may be taken into a vehicle (transit area) without a carrier. For the entire time of transport, including time in the transit area, the dog must be wearing a muzzle (even in the event that it is being transported in a not-entirely-enclosed carrier) and held on a short leash. A dog must not be placed on a seat, nor on a vestibule where a pram containing a child is being transported.
  • On trams, the funicular and buses, the driver (funicular operator) or an authorised individual decides on the transport of dogs not in a carrier. Passengers must notify the driver that they are intending on boarding with a dog; they may board only via doors designated with the appropriate pictogram (into a funicular vehicle, through any door) and must place the dog on the adjacent vestibule, if the driver or authorised individual does not indicate some other location.
  • Transport fares for dogs are set by the PIT Tariff.

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